Annette Mooney

Annette Mooney has worked as a community nurse in the Dublin Bay South before becoming a secondary school teacher. She is a mother of three children.

She was the coordinator of the Together for Yes campaign in the constituency, which delivered the largest YES vote in the country for Repeal.

She was one of the main figures in the Right2 Water campaign and helped organise protests which led to the abolishment of water charges.

She started the successful Irish Glass Bottle campaign for social and affordable housing. 

She has hosted meetings on the need for rent controls and more social housing.

She has campaigned for the right of council tenants right to have access to an independent complaint’s agency. She has highlighted the damp conditions in some flat complex and won some improvements.

If elected, Annette will only take the average industrial age and donate the rest of her Dail salary to promoting public awareness in the constituency.

Annette Mooney says:

“After the vote on Repeal, Dublin Bay South needs a left-wing female voice in the Dail. We need to highlight a host of issues from high childcare costs to the terrible treatment of women in the cervical cancer scandal. This was a direct result of privatisation and putting profit before people.
We need a left government to build social housing and bring in proper rent controls. Such government can introduce compulsory purchase orders to turn vacant buildings back into homes. As long as we are represented by landlord parties, we will never get change.”